Spetses ’21, at the Crossroads of History

Σπέτσες ’21, στο σταυροδρόμι της ιστορίας

On the eve of the bicentenary of the Greek War of Independence, the people of Spetses meet and converse, conveying to us the versions of history as it has been saved through oral tradition, but also as rewritten through the constant and thorough study of the evidence. Against the backdrop of the island and the encircling sea, descendants of heroes of the revolution, notables, shipowners, but also of simple men who fought in naval battles, unite their voices with local historians, guardians of the valuable evidence of history, continuators of popular traditions and seamanship, spreading out history piece by piece like a timeless pebble mosaic from Spetses.
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Direction: Panos A. Thomaidis
Script: Katerina Konstantinou
Cinematography: Zaphiris Epaminondas G.S.C.
Editing: Dimosthenis Raptis
Sound: Yannis Antipas, George Potagas
Music: Minos Matsas
Production: Inkas Film Productions
Producers: Lilette Botassi
Co-production: COSMOTE TV, EKOME
Format: Digital File
Color: Color
Production Country: Greece
Production Year: 2021
Duration: 70΄
Contact: INKAS FILM PRODUCTIONS, Lilette-Catherine Botassi

Panos A. Thomaidis


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2021 Spetses ’21, History Crossroad