The Unlost Homeland

Οι μη χαμένες πατρίδες

World Premiere
The Unlost Homeland follows the story of twelve Greeks from Constantinople who lived through the Istanbul pogrom of 1955, the only pogrom of such magnitude to have taken place in modern history in peacetime rather than wartime. Utilizing fast-paced montage and innovative animated text on screen, the viewer is transported to an imaginary table, where a group of strangers sits together, talking, answering, and complementing each other. One of them returns home with his grandson after 46 years. Because this is not the end, and history is mainly the stories of the people who made history.
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Direction: Eftychia Fragou
Script: Eftychia Fragou
Cinematography: Stamos Birsim, Yorgos Demir, George Chinas
Editing: Christina Vamvaka
Sound: George Simatos
Music: Evanthia Reboutsika
Producers: Eftychia Fragou
Narration: Eftychia Fragou
Format: Digital File
Color: Color
Production Country: Greece
Production Year: 2020
Duration: 130΄
Contact: Patrides, Eftychia Fragou

Eftychia Fragou


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