Sorrow Tamers


International Premiere

An art-house-documentary film about individuals who have decided to face sorrow as it exists to them. Sorrow always shakes up the life we used to know, and everything changes. But in what way? You do not know, unless you fearlessly step into the world of grief and, without fearing the change, step out in due course as a new, transformed version of yourself. Shot on film, the short episodes of individual stories form a larger story of the finite nature of life and the intrinsic need of human beings to reach out to each other, even when it is not possible. Life is learning how to let go before death, the ultimate momentum of letting go.

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Direction: Mina Laamo
Script: Mina Laamo
Cinematography: Päivi Kettunen
Editing: Tuuli Kuittinen
Sound: Janne Laine
Production: Koko Production
Producers: Mina Laamo
Format: DCP
Color: Color, B/W
Production Country: Finland
Production Year: 2022
Duration: 66΄
Contact: Finnish Film Foudation

Mina Laamo


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2022 Sorrow Tamers