World Premiere
A film that can be understood as a gesture of love and justice towards people and spaces that represent an idea of home for the author. In three interwoven stories, a married old man, the memory of the suicide of a person who spent his last days spending and giving away his belongings, and an extensive shooting of one Jacques Audiard’s latest films draw an intimate portrait of the mountain village.
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Direction: Martín Gutiérrez
Script: Martín Gutiérrez
Cinematography: Martín Gutiérrez
Editing: Ana Pfaff
Sound: Alejandro Castillo
Music: Iñaki López
Production: MartindechoFILMS, Welt film
Producers: Martín Gutiérrez
Co-producers: Kristina Konrad
Format: DCP
Production Country: Spain
Production Year: 2022
Duration: 76΄
Contact: Antidote Sales

Martín Gutiérrez


2014 Luchador Records
2021 Amateur