World Premiere
Anna-Maria takes her first steps in life. Orestis takes his first professional steps in painting. Maria finishes high school and makes dreams for her future. All three of them were born with an extra chromosome. All three of them were born with Down Syndrome. They live in Thessaloniki and they are the main characters of this documentary.
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Available at the Agora Market.

Direction: Argyris Liapis
Script: Argyris Liapis
Cinematography: Argyris Liapis
Editing: Argyris Liapis
Sound: Argyris Liapis
Music: Theofilos Bikos
Producers: Argyris Liapis
Format: ProRes
Color: Color
Production Country: Greece
Production Year: 2022
Duration: 75΄
Contact: Argyris Liapis (argyrisliapis@gmail.com)

Argyris Liapis


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