Frugal Abundance

Λιτή αφθονία

24th TDF: World Premiere

Vangelis is an old man who has been living for 30 years in a makeshift cabin at the edge of a rock on Cape Maleas in Peloponnese. His house has neither a lock nor electricity, and he travels all year round on his bicycle. This is a snapshot of his simple way of life and how self-sufficient he has become in return.

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Direction: Frantzeska Romanou, Yorgos Savoglou
Script: Frantzeska Romanou, Yorgos Savoglou
Cinematography: Yorgos Savoglou
Editing: Athanasios Ntovas
Sound: Frantzeska Romanou, Nikos Palamaris
Production: Neda Film
Producers: Amanda Livanou, Isavella Alopoudi
Co-production: ERT SA, Greek Film Centre
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Greece
Production Year: 2022
Duration: 70΄
Contact: Neda Film ( Amanda Livanou,

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