CHIMERA hallucinating media and war crimes

Chimera focuses on events that took place in Vukovar, Croatia, in November 1991. With the use of symbolic reenactments and archival footage, it creates a juxtaposition of court archives of the ICTY and news media narratives during the Yugoslav Wars, to investigate the dangers of mis- and disinformation by the media.
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Direction: Nikos Kostopoulos
Script: Nikos Kostopoulos
Cinematography: Nikos Kostopoulos, Dinko Šimac
Editing: Nikos Kostopoulos
Sound: Nikos Kostopoulos, Dinko Šimac, Spiros Emmanouilidis, Thanos Hana
Music: Eventless Plot
Production: Pheno
Producers: Nikos Kostopoulos, Viki Zioga
Co-production: BIRN – Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (Award Grant to Explore War Crimes Archives)
Narration: Eleni Ikoniadou, Romana Pavliša, Phoebe Holland
Format: ProRes
Color: Color, B/W
Production Country: Greece, Croatia
Production Year: 2021
Duration: 22΄
Contact: Nikos Kostopoulos,

Nikos Kostopoulos


2016 09/1394 (short)
2017 Traces of an Atrocity Exhibition (short)
2021 Chimera (short)