Off the Rails

Off the Rails

Rikke Brewer and Aiden Knox struggle with the death of their best friend Nye Newman, and subsequent mental health issues, in very different ways, that threaten to tear them apart. In pursuit of 15million clicks of fame and money, and a career as a youtuber, outgoing Rikke seeks the dangerous thrill of UrbEx stunts as a way to numb his loss and pain. Aiden, more introverted, seeks solace in Parkour, while working menial jobs to pay for his increasing reliance on alcohol. As they process Nye's tragic death, deeper scars from difficult childhoods emerge. Exclusive rights to 10 years of their self-shot archive reveal a rich story of their formative years. As we watch the stunts with sweaty palms and open mouths, we ultimately engage with the warmth and humanity of these two extraordinary young men.

Screening Schedule
08 February 2023 18:00
Available at the Agora Market.

Direction: Peter Day
Cinematography: Chris Evans, Rob Alexander, Rishi Ghosh-Curling
Editing: Rob Alexander
Sound: Chris Evans, Rob Alexander, Rishi Ghosh-Curling
Music: Nikky French
Production: Faction Films, Faction North, Perfectmotion
Producers: Peter Day, Grant Keir, Rob Alexander
Executive producer: Bizzy Day, Mark Thomas, Sylvia Stevens
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: UK
Production Year: 2022
Duration: 91΄
Contact: Journeyman Pictures

Age 15+

Peter Day


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