Closed Circuit

Bema'agal Sagoor

25th TiDF: European Premiere

Two men sit at a popular café in Tel Aviv. Moments later, they open fire on the shocked diners around them. One customer fights back. Others run to safety. No one escapes unharmed. Closed Circuit documents the infamous terrorist attack at Sarona Market with raw footage from security cameras and riveting interviews with survivors: a father breaking the Ramadan fast with his family, a cop who unknowingly saves one of the fleeing terrorists, a girl who escapes but loses her dad, and restaurant workers, both Arab and Jewish, whose lives are forever changed by their sudden encounter with death. An insightful look into the complex Israeli reality and the lasting trauma caused to those involved. “With every outbreak in the epidemic of gun violence we are left to wonder: what would we do if a mass shooting breaks out where we are? Filmmaker Tal Inbar helps us imagine the unthinkable by skillfully weaving together raw footage from closed-circuit cameras at the infamous 2016 terrorist attack in Tel Aviv’s Sarona Market with the present-day memories of Arab and Jewish survivors of the incident. The result is a heart-pounding and cinematic confrontation with trauma.” (Jaie Laplante)

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Available at the Agora Market TiDF25

Direction: Tal Inbar
Script: Tal Inbar
Cinematography: Nehara Malkin
Editing: Sharon Yaish
Sound: Rei Elbaz (design)
Production: Yalla Productions
Producers: Tal Becher, Yoav Zeevy, Omri Uzrad, Nancy Spielberg
Executive producer: Mirit Eisen, Ori Eisen, Ulrika Citron, Joel Citron, Guy Lavie, Keren Gleicher, Yes Docu
Format: DCP
Color: Color, B&W
Production Country: Israel
Production Year: 2022
Duration: 54'
Contact: Go2Films

Broadcaster: Yes Docu

Tal Inbar


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