Mother of the Station

Η Μητέρα του Σταθμού

25th TiDF: Greek Premiere

The documentary Mother of the Station follows the lives of Greek women immigrants who came to Germany during 1960–1973 and worked in hard jobs. The Second Word War was a landmark both in European and Greek history. Since then, one million people immigrated to Germany. Some decades later, the scenario remains the same.

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Direction: Kostoula Tomadaki
Script: Kostoula Tomadaki
Cinematography: Katerina Maragoudaki
Editing: Stelios Tatakis
Sound: Manos Heracles
Music: Dimitris Maramis
Production: Vox Documentaries
Producers: Gina Petropoulou
Co-production: Greek Film Center, ERT SA
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Greece
Production Year: 2022
Duration: 80'

Kostoula Tomadaki


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