The Red Teacher

Ο Κόκκινος Δάσκαλος

26th TIDF: World Premiere

Two political trials and executions have left an indelible mark on post-conflict Greece. The trial of Nikos Belogiannis and the trial of Nikos Ploumpidis. Ploumpidis, however, died alone, slandered by enemies and friends, dishonored. Personal drama and collective destiny co-shape this Promethean hero, who seems straight out of an ancient tragedy.

Screening Schedule

No physical screenings scheduled.

Available at the Agora Market TIDF26.

Direction: Stelios Charalampopoulos
Script: Stelios Charalampopoulos
Cinematography: Nikos Vassilopoulos
Editing: Pietro Radin
Sound: Marinos Athanassopoulos
Music: Platon Andritsakis
Production: Anav Productions, Periplus Films
Producers: Adamantia Fytili, Nikos Vassilopoulos, Panos Charalampopoulos
Co-production: Basement Productions, Greek Film Centre, ERT SA, EKOME SA
Co-producers: Nikos Yatrakos
Format: DCP
Color: Color, B/W
Production Country: Greece
Production Year: 2024
Duration: 100'
Distribution in Greece: Periplus Films (
Contact: Periplus Films (

Stelios Charalampopoulos


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