The Marriage Project

The Marriage Project

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Encourage the patients to engage in relationships, get married, and lead a family life. That’s the groundbreaking and rule-changing idea of the head of a mental clinic. Not in Scandinavia or Canada, but in the suffocative and repressive milieu of Tehran. As the first marriages between couples selected by a committee take place, a series of intriguing questions arise. An in-depth glance at the unseen structures and the unwritten laws of a closed-circuit community, where love works in mysterious ways. At the same time, a brave portrait of a regressive society governed by strict rules that cries for change.

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Direction: Atieh Attarzadeh, Hesam Eslami
Script: Atieh Attarzadeh, Hesam Eslami
Cinematography: Mehdi Azadi, Moslem Tehrani
Editing: Farid Daghagheleh
Sound: Mehrshad Malakouti
Music: Amen Feizabadi
Production: Caractères Productions, Aras Films, AJE Witness
Producer/Producers: Etienne de Ricaud, Hesam Eslami, Atieh Attarzadeh, Fiona Lawson-Baker
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Iran, France, Qatar
Production Year: 2020
Duration: 80΄
Contact: Java Films,