Iolas Wonderland

Iolas Wonderland

World Premiere

This docudrama is the search for the lost dream through the life of a man who believed he could achieve the impossible. A talented pianist, great ballet dancer and impresario of art, Alexandre Iolas, who lived a fairytale life but died like a hero of ancient Greek tragedy, can still, 33 years after his death, inspire a young artist. Realism and surrealism intertwine in a tapestry of feelings and emotions, light shines through, and artistic creation is the one and only redemption.

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Direction: Christopher Antoniadis
Script: Christopher Antoniadis
Cinematography: George Kogias
Editing: George Kogias
Sound: Elen Kavoukis
Music: Menex
Producers: Nick Stathoulis
Narration: Nick Stathoulis
Format: Digital File
Color: Color
Production Country: Greece
Production Year: 2020
Duration: 58΄
Contact: Christopher Antoniadis

Christopher Antoniadis


2020 Iolas Wonderland