World Mirror Cinema

Welt Spiegel Kino

A view of the world as it is handed down to us in moving images; contradictory, suspenseful, trusting in the power of film, without commentary. Found footage from the early days of cinema, showing theaters in their urban environments (observing life on the streets, passersby, curious onlookers, and their reactions to the camera), converses with films included in these cinemas’ programs. A stimulating work in progress that allows the reality of the street and the world of the cinema to enter into a cinematic dialogue.
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Direction: Gustav Deutsch
Script: Gustav Deutsch
Editing: Gustav Deutsch
Music: Christian Fennesz, Burkhard Stangl
Production: Loop media, Nederlands Filmmuseum
Producers: Manfred Neuwirth, Frank Roumen
Art Direction: Hanna Schimek
Format: 35mm
Color: Color/B&W
Production Country: Austria
Production Year: 2005
Duration: 90΄
Contact: Sixpackfilm,

Gustav Deutsch


1981 Rituale
1981 Fulkur (short)
1983 Asuma (short)
1984 Wossea Mtotom
1988 Non, je ne regret rien | The Sky above Paris (μ.μ)
1988 Prince Albert passes by
1990 Adria - Holiday films 1954-68
1990 Sat. June 29th | Arctic Circle (short)
1990 World | Time 25812min
1993 Eyewitnesses in Foreign Countries
1994 55/95 (short)
1995 Film/speaks/many/Languages (short)
1996 Pocketcinema the Catalogue
1996 no comment – minimundus AUSTRIA (short)
1996 Film is More than Film, Trailer Viennale 96 (short)
1996 Mariage blanc (short)
1998 Film ist. (1–6)
1999 Tradition is the Handing on of Fire, and not the Worship of the Ashes (short)
1999 K&K&K (short)
2002 Film ist. (7–12)
2003 Spectrum
2005 World Mirror Cinema – Episode 1-3
2009 FILM IST. a girl & a gun
2010 Private Sandnes. A Kinematographic Atlas
2013 Shirley - Visions of Reality
2016 Notes and Sketches I
2017 How We Live – Messages to the Family