Light Falls Vertical

Ara la llum cau vertical

25th TiDF: International Premiere

A rare work of art, a deeply personal, highly intimate account of a life affected by domestic violence. “When I left the island where I was born, it wasn’t a departure, it was an escape. Years later, I arrive on another island, a barren place that feels strangely familiar. I have come here for an encounter with a man. He says he is willing to expose the violence that he carries within. But when I venture to get closer to the harmful, desperate man, I realize that he also holds the key to my deepest fears, echoing in the violence of my own past. Now his story will never be separated from mine.” An aspiring young woman filmmaker combines the story of a perpetrator and her own experiences with violence in a poetic film that offers insight into the causes and consequences of abuse, triggering our subconscious in a register that only cinema can approach.

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Direction: Efthymia Zymvragaki
Script: Efthymia Zymvragaki
Cinematography: Efthymia Zymvragaki
Editing: Tin Dirdamal
Sound: Anna M. Bofarull, Bojan Palikuća. Pablo Cosco
Music: George Xylouris
Production: Gris Medio
Producers: Efthymia Zymvragaki, Angelo Orlando
Co-production: KaBoGa art & films, ThurnFilm, Novena Nube, Eur Film, Witfilm
Co-producers: Anna M. Bofarull, Patricia Sánchez Mora, Valentin Thurn, Maurizio Santarelli, Iris Lammertsma
Executive producer: Babet Touw, Daan Odufré, Ana Maria Pelaez Rodriguez, Jordi Ambrós Hortensi
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Spain, Germany, The Netherlands
Production Year: 2022
Duration: 83'
Contact: Gris Medio

Efthymia Zymvragaki


2015 Refrán (short)
2022 Light Falls Vertical