Big North

Paolo Cognetti. Sogni di Grande Nord

Greek Premiere

Italian writer Paolo Cognetti attempts a daring trip in the northeast of Canada and Alaska, going all the way to Stampede Trail and Fairbanks Bus 142, where the body of hiker and activist Chris McCandless – whose life is portrayed in the film Into the Wild – was found. Α life’s journey inspired by literary greats such as London, Hemingway and Thoreau, in which a contemporary writer discovers the boundaries of man’s relationship with nature and comes across people who have a go at a similar way of life, trying to grasp the essence of their choice.

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Direction: Dario Acocella
Script: Paolo Cognetti, Dario Acocella, Francesco Favale
Cinematography: Stefano Tramacere
Editing: Mario Marrone
Sound: Fabio Ferri, Massimo Marinelli
Music: Fabrizio Bondi
Production: Samarcanda Film
Producers: Leonardo, Barrile, Jacopo Fantastichini, Francesco Favale
Co-production: Feltrinelli Real Cinema, RAI Cinema
Format: Digital File
Color: Color
Production Country: Italy
Production Year: 2020
Duration: 80'
Contact: Syndicado

Dario Acocella


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