Gambling, Gods and LSD

Gambling, Gods and LSD

An epic travel diary that unfolds in all its three-hour-long majesty through a hybrid form bringing together different countries, cultures and people. Transcendence, non-acceptance of death, bonding with nature and the illusion of security are the four thematic pillars upon which Canadian-Swiss documentarist Peter Mettler builds his magnum opus. A memento of the 20th century and the changes it brought upon our lives, shot in a period of three years in several countries, without multiple takes or set-up sceneries, thus preserving a remarkable sense of authenticity in the heart of its polyphonic diversity.
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Direction: Peter Mettler
Script: Peter Mettler
Cinematography: Peter Mettler
Editing: Peter Mettler, Roland Schlimme
Sound: Peter Mettler, Peter Bräker
Music: Fred Frith, Peter Bräker, Dimitri de Perrot
Production: Grimthorpe Film Inc., Maximage GmbH
Producers: Cornelia Seitler, Alexandra Rockingham Gill, Ingrid Veninger
Format: Digital File
Color: Color
Production Country: Canada, Switzerland
Production Year: 2002
Duration: 180'
Contact: Grimthorpe Film
Awards/Distinctions: Grand Prix & Audience Award – Visions du Reèl Best Feature Documentary – Vancouver IFF Best Documentary – Festival du Cinema Nouveau Genie Award (Best Documentary) – Academy of Canadian Cinema

Peter Mettler


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