Which Way Home

¿Cuál es el camino a casa?

A railway journey into terror, from Mexico and other countries of Central America to the USA, as witnessed through the eyes of unaccompanied children who dream of a better life. Rebecca Cammisa handpicks six young heroes to openly address an issue fudged by her country; the countless people who pluck up courage and pray to be lucky enough to make it to the other side, as well as the conditions under which this nightmarish journey takes place. These kids share their dreams as well as the tricks they pull in order to face all kinds of dangers, fully grasping the magnitude of what is in store for them. Their lives may soon change for the better, but just as easily they may come to end.
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Direction: Rebecca Cammisa
Cinematography: Lorenzo Hagerman, Eric Goethals
Editing: Pax Wassermann, Madeleine Gavin
Sound: Luis Mercio, Gabriel Coll Barberis, Jesus Sanchez Padilla, Eduardo Trejo
Music: James Lavino, Alberto Iglesias
Production: Mr. Mudd
Producers: Rebecca Cammisa
Co-production: Documentress Films
Format: Digital File
Color: Color
Production Country: USA
Production Year: 2009
Duration: 82'
Contact: CAT&Docs
Awards/Distinctions: Award for Outstanding Informational Programming – Emmy Awards 2010 The Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award Grand Prize – 2010 UNICEF Award – Havana IFF 2009 Special Jury Prize for Human Rights – Traverse City FF 2009, USA

Rebecca Cammisa


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