Route One USA

Route One USA

Director Robert Kramer returns to the USA after having spent several years abroad. Together with a friend (portrayed by actor Paul McIsaac) they decide to explore the vast American mainland, meeting all sorts of different characters along the way. Similar to the way a long journey changes us, the process of returning and adapting to the changes having occurred during our absence can be equally determining. A hybrid of fiction and documentary, Route One USA takes a look at Reagan’s America and the 1980s through the eyes of an external observer, trying to comprehend politics and behaviors that went on to become highly popular and were expected to define the country’s course over the following years.
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Direction: Robert Kramer
Script: Robert Kramer
Cinematography: Robert Kramer
Editing: Guy Lecorne, Robert Kramer, Pierre Choukroun, Claire Leveille, Keja Kramer
Sound: Olivier Schwob
Music: Barre Phillips
Production: Les Films d’Ici
Producers: Richard Copans
Co-production: La Sept Cinéma
Format: Digital File
Color: Color
Production Country: UK, France, Italy
Production Year: 1989
Duration: 255'
Contact: Les Films d’Ici

Robert Kramer


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