The Expedition to the End of the World

Ekspeditionen til verdens ende

Sailing on a boat reminiscent of expeditions during past centuries, a group of Danes venture to the north of Greenland to study the natural habitat of the area and discover places where no man has ever set foot on. With Mozart’s Requiem as its jumping off point and Metallica as its final destination, this witty and over-ambitious journey gets a kick out of its own far-fetched goal to give answers to existential questions that preoccupy mankind since day one, stretching to today’s concerns over climate change.
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Direction: Daniel Dencik
Script: Michael Haslund-Christensen, Daniel Dencik, Janus Metz
Cinematography: Martin Munck, Torben Forsberg, Valdemar Leisner, Adam Philp
Editing: Per Sandholt, Rebekka Lonqvist
Sound: Per Nyström
Music: Mads Heldtberg
Production: Haslund Film
Producers: Michael Haslund-Christensen
Co-production: Beofilm Post Production, Garagefilm International, Film i Väst
Co-producers: Morten R. Frederiksen, Peter Hyldahl, Rebecka Lafrenz, Mimmi Spång, Jessica Ask
Format: Digital File
Color: Color
Production Country: Denmark, Sweden
Production Year: 2013
Duration: 90'
Contact: Haslund Film
Awards/Distinctions: Riff Environmental Award – Reykjavik IFF 2013 Jury Award for Best International Documentary – Docville 2013

Daniel Dencik


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