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A dark, poetic adaptation of the infamous Groningen Case, in which three men drugged other men and infected them with their own HIV-infected blood. Unfolding over seven individual vignettes, each shot in collaboration with a different cinematographer, the film blends reportage and surrealism, disbelief and empathy to unpack the repercussions of a singularly shocking series of events. A bold and provocative documentary that skillfully reflects the questions of life, death and morality.

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Direction: Tim Leyendekker
Script: Tim Leyendekker, Gerardjan Rijnders
Cinematography: Benito Strangio, Adri Schrover, Reinier van Brummelen, Boris van Hoof, Claire Pijman, Aafke Beernink, Robijn Voshol
Editing: Matte Mourik, Tim Leyendekker
Sound: Hugo Dijkstal
Production: seriousfilm
Producers: Marc Thelosen, Koert Dadidse
Co-production: Absent without leave
Co-producers: Tim Leyendekker
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: The Netherlands
Production Year: 2021
Duration: 85΄
Contact: Square Eyes, Wouter Jansen
Awards/Distinctions: Loridan-Ivens / CNAP Award – Cinéma du Réel 2021

Tim Leyendekker


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