Landscapes of Resistance

Pejzaži Otpora

23rd TDF: Greek Premiere

A journey through the memories of antifascist fighter Sonja (97), one of the first female partisans in Yugoslavia, who was also one of the leaders of the Resistance movement at Auschwitz. Time-traveling towards the bodies of the new generation of antifascists and suggesting that it is always possible to think and practice against the grain, this film discovers new aesthetic and existential tropes to understand resistance as a state of being.

Screening Schedule

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Direction: Marta Popivoda
Script: Marta Popivoda, Ana Vujanović
Cinematography: Ivan Marković
Editing: Jelena Maksimović
Sound: Jakov Munižaba (sound), Simon Apostolou (mix)
Production: Theory at Work, Bocalupo Films
Producers: Marta Popivoda, Dragana Jovović, Jasmina Sijerčić
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Serbia, France, Germany
Production Year: 2021
Duration: 95΄
Contact: BOCALUPO FILMS, Jasmina Sijercic
Awards/Distinctions: Libraries Award – Cinéma du Réel 2021 Best Picture – Jeunju IFF 2021

Marta Popivoda


2013 Yugoslavia, How Ideology Moved Our Collective Body
2021 Pejzaži Otpora | Landscapes of Resistance