Le Tour de Pants, with Ali Selim

Le Tour de Pants, with Ali Selim

23rd TDF: International Premiere

When Alexi Grewal won gold in the 1984 Olympics, it wasn't because he was wearing spandex. However, after the photo finish, bike shops across the USA were flooded with new faces frantic to buy the miracle material shorts. Filmmaker Ali Selim was one of the only few keen enough to understand why Grewal actually won.

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Direction: Lewie & Noah Kloster
Script: Ali Selim
Production: Tall Glass with Ice Productions
Producers: Lewie & Noah Kloster
Narration: Lewie & Noah Kloster
Format: Digital File
Color: Color
Production Country: USA
Production Year: 2020
Contact: Tall Glass with Ice Productions

Animation: Lewie & Noah Kloster

Lewie & Noah Kloster

Lewie and Noah Kloster are a brother animation / directing duo. Born and raised in the frozen north of the midwestern United States, old Hollywood films became their primary form of education. Their mother would often help them play hooky from school in order to watch an upcoming film on Turner Classic Movies. Robert Osbourne and Ben Mankowitz became their teachers. Their favorite were those by Stanley Donen, Karl Freund, Howard Hawks, and films like Night of the Hunter, The Cabinet of Dr. Kaligari, and Peewee’s Big Adventure.

Without budgets, animation was the only way they were able to match the size, scale, and scope of their favorite imposing filmmakers. Retreating to how animation felt before the digital age claimed king over the medium, cardboard, construction paper, cotton balls, and magic markers fill their studio to its brim. Since moving to New York City in 2013, everyday real life people have become their subjects. The city has plenty to offer. Accompanied by their dual perspectives, they are constantly digging for contemporary stories that fit within their frenzied tactile animated worlds.


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