Misha and the Wolves

Misha and the Wolves

23rd TDF: Greek Premiere

The dramatic tale of a woman whose holocaust memoir took the world by storm, but a falling out with her publisher – who turned detective – revealed an audacious deception created to hide a darker truth. A cinematic documentary about truth and lies, about history and imagination and how and why we believe the stories we’re told.

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Direction: Sam Hobkinson
Script: Sam Hobkinson
Cinematography: Will Pugh
Editing: Peter Norrey
Music: Nick Foster
Production: Arts Alliance Productions, Met Film, Bright Yellow Films
Producers: Poppy Dixon, Al Morrow, Matt Wells, Jurgen Buedts, Gregory Zalcman
Co-production: Las Belgas, Take Five, Apt Films
Executive producer: Stewart Le Maréchal, Thomas Høegh, Vesna Cudic, Jonny Persey, Adrian Sibley, Mandy Chang, Hayley Reynolds, Martin Pieper, Babara Truyen
Format: Digital File
Color: Color
Production Country: UK, Belgium
Production Year: 2021
Duration: 88΄
Contact: MetFilm

Sam Hobkinson


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