I Won’t Remain Alone

Tanha Nakhaham Mand

23rd TDF: World Premiere

An old disabled couple living in a small village in the northern part of Iran, face an unfathomable tragedy when their youngest son falls into a coma after an accident. Defying the Islamic traditions of burial, overcoming problems of red tape, and turning devastation into hope, the parents agree to donate their son’s organs. Five years after their brave decision, a film crew visits them and records their slow path of reconciliation with death – or rather, their acquaintance with eternal life.

Screening Schedule

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Direction: Yaser Talebi
Script: Yaser Talebi
Cinematography: Farahbakhsh Fachidnia, Mahmoudreza Mafi
Editing: Yaser Talebi
Sound: Hasan Jafari (recording), Ramin Abousedgh (mix)
Music: Akbar Rastgar
Production: Elilmage
Producers: Yaser Talebi, Fariba Arab, Elaheh Nobakht
Format: Digital File
Color: Color
Production Country: Iran
Production Year: 2021
Duration: 15΄
Contact: ELI IMAGE, Elaheh Nobakht

Yaser Talebi


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