The New Gospel

De Neue Evangelium

23rd TDF: Greek Premiere

What would Jesus preach in the 21st century? Who would his disciples be? Set in the southern Italian town of Matera, where both Pasolini and Gibson shot their legendary films on the life of Jesus, a director returns to the origins of the gospel and stages it as a passion play of an entire civilization. Together with Cameroonian political activist Yvan Sagnet, they create a political campaign that fights for the rights of migrants who came to Europe across the Mediterranean to be enslaved on the tomato fields in southern Italy. A manifesto of solidarity with the poorest, a revolt for a more humane world.

Screening Schedule

No physical screenings scheduled.

Direction: Milo Rau
Script: Milo Rau
Cinematography: Thomas Eirich-Schneider
Editing: Katja Dringenberg
Sound: Marco Teufen, Julian Joseph, Guido Keller, Dieter Lengacher
Production: Fruitmarket, Langfilm, IIPM – International Institute of Political Murder
Producers: Arne Birkenstock, Olivier Zobrist, Sebastian Lemke
Co-production: SRF Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen / SRG SSR, ZDF
Sets: Anton Lukas, Ottavia Castellotti
Format: Digital File
Color: Color
Production Country: Germany, Switzerland, Italy
Production Year: 2020
Duration: 107΄
Contact: CAT&Docs, Maelle Guenegues

Milo Rau


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