World Premiere

A wall from the past opens the discussion for the restoration of buried rivers of Athens back to light, a process known as Daylighting. The film follows the course of the liquid element that has silently existed for years within the city, in an effort to protect the last natural rivers of Attica. It is revealing part of our collective urban memory, the path of the man of the cities, the one who has forgotten that he is part of a wider ecosystem.

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Direction: Ioannis Koutouzis
Script: Ioannis Koutouzis, Vicky Gkougia
Cinematography: Thomas Ginis
Editing: Stavros Symeonidis
Sound: Antonis Vasilakos
Production: Cinergies Co-Op
Producers: Konstantinos Mavrias
Narration: Evagelia Dimitriou, Dimitris Theodosopoulos
Format: Digital File
Color: Color
Production Country: Greece
Production Year: 2021
Duration: 26΄
Contact: Cinergies Co-Op, Konstantinos Mavrias

Ioannis Koutouzis


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2021 Daylighting