Shipwreck Industry LTD.

Shipwreck Industry LTD.

Costas, a 56 year-old acetylene welder working in heavy shipyard industry since 1981, struggles to survive the economic crisis that destabilizes Greece and led the shipyard on the verge of bankruptcy. Αn independent documentary that approaches the problem of the collapsing Greek Shipyards from a human-centered angle, depicting the situation that lies hidden behind faceless companies, numbers, and superficial events.
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Direction: Alexander Sikalias
Script: Alexander Sikalias
Cinematography: Alexander Sikalias
Editing: Alexander Sikalias
Sound: Alexander Sikalias
Music: Panos Panakos
Producers: Alexander Sikalias
Narration: Dimetrios Maglaras
Format: Digital File
Color: Colour
Production Country: Greece
Production Year: 2020
Duration: 40΄
Contact: Film Works, Alexander Sikalias

Alexander Sikalias


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