Lying Upon a Rock

Κείμενον επί Βράχου

A documentary about Lazaretto, the desert islet near the city of Corfu, which functioned as a quarantine station for centuries, but also as a place of execution for political prisoners during the Greek Civil War. The identity of the place is approached through fragmentary testimonies and original sources.

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Direction: Spyros Kavvadias
Script: Spyros Kavvadias
Cinematography: Spyros Kavvadias, Dimitris Gkrintzos
Editing: Spyros Kavvadias, Dimitris Gkrintzos
Sound: Spyros Kavvadias, Andreas Vouliakis
Music: Margarita Chalakatevaki
Producers: Spyros Kavvadias
Narration: Olga Tsilimpari
Format: Digital File
Color: Color
Production Country: Greece
Production Year: 2020
Duration: 22΄
Contact: Spyros Kavvadias

Spyros Kavvadias


2020 Lying upon a Rock (short)