The Flowers Are Gone

Τα λουλούδια λείπουν

Greek Premiere

In a small village called Drisht, there are very few people left, due to immigration. One of them is an elderly woman who is living her daily life far from from those she loves the most. Although the village and its people seem abandοned, nature blossoms, enriching their lives.

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Direction: Ilma Tyrbetari, Alexandros Kantoros
Script: Ilma Tyrbetari
Cinematography: Emma Saroukou
Editing: Fotini Daifron
Sound: Athanasios Triantafylldis
Producers: Ilma Tyrbetari
Format: Digital File
Color: Color
Production Country: Greece, Albania
Production Year: 2020
Duration: 16΄
Contact: Ilma Tyrbetari,

Ilma Tyrbetari


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2020 The Flowers are Gone (co-direction)

Alexandros Kantoros


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2020 The Flowers are Gone (co-direction)