The Chords of South

Τα ακόρντα του νότου

World Premiere
An experiential recording of labor in the community service programs of OAED (the Hellenic Manpower Employment Organization) in Volos. The main protagonists are the workers who participate in these programs and consequently the employees of the municipal cleaning service. We watch people affected by the financial crisis, middle-aged, long-term unemployed who are paid very little money, while claiming contract renewal and permanent employment. With desperate short-term labor contracts subsidized by the European Union, the state tries to fill the gaps in employment and public needs with a cheap, consumable workforce. Through tragicomic situations, we capture the neo-Greek of insecurity, toil and Piki Piki Ram.
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Direction: Nickolas Tsiamantanis
Script: Nickolas Tsiamantanis
Cinematography: Nickolas Tsiamantanis
Editing: Nickolas Tsiamantanis
Sound: Nickolas Tsiamantanis
Music: Dimitris Tsiamantanis
Producers: Nickolas Tsiamantanis
Format: Digital File
Color: Color
Production Country: Greece
Production Year: 2021
Duration: 110΄
Contact: Nickolas Tsiamantanis,

Nickolas Tsiamantanis


2021 The Chords of South