While You Can Still Learn About Stone

Όσο ακόμα μπορείς να μάθεις για την πέτρα

World Premiere
An exploration of the traditional craft of stonemasonry in Tzoumerka, in a narrative which moves around the people of the two-month Craftsman apprenticeship and the 12-day Stonemasonry Workshop, which the Itinerant Workshop for Traditional Building Techniques “Boulouki,” a group of four young architects and a civil engineer, realized in the Plaka neighborhood from September to October 2019.
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Direction: Argiris Karagiorgas
Script: Argiris Karagiorgas
Cinematography: Argiris Karagiorgas
Editing: Argiris Karagiorgas
Music: Thanos Georgopoulos, Dimitris Athanasopoulos, Dafni Papastrati
Producers: Argiris Karagiorgas
Format: Digital File
Color: Color
Production Country: Greece
Production Year: 2020
Duration: 144΄
Contact: Argyris Karagiorgas

Argiris Karagiorgas


2020 While You Can Still Learn about Stone