Dancing Contact

Χορεύοντας την επαφή

World Premiere
Thérèse Vandamme was one of the first instructors to introduce body contact in Greece. With influences from theater, evolving from classic ballet to modern dance, intensely studying movement while considering the body to be a temple, exploring the roots and the primal desire of movement, knowledgeable in alternative therapies of various techniques, studying for decades the sounds and feelings of the body and the voice, she has managed to create a very special form of teaching and dance, working with small groups of individuals of different ages, professions, and social backgrounds, and has been sharing her art for over three decades.
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Direction: Giannis Adrimis, Marguerite Caillaux
Script: Giannis Adrimis
Cinematography: Giannis Adrimis, Marguerite Caillaux
Editing: Giannis Adrimis
Sound: Dimitris Gavalas
Music: Dimitris Gavalas
Production: Microutopia
Producers: Marguerite Caillaux
Narration: Thérèse Vandamme
Format: Digital File
Color: Color, B/W
Production Country: Greece
Production Year: 2020
Duration: 41΄
Contact: Microutopia O.E., Giannis Adrimis

Giannis Adrimis


2012 Mute a Story within Stories (short)
2016 Solon, Taximi in Time (short)
2020 Dancing Contact (co-direction)

Marguerite Caillaux


2020 Dancing Contact (co-direction)