Our ABCs

Η αλφαβήτα της καρδιάς

World Premiere

How did we learn to read and write? How much playing and how much seriousness does it take to acquire one of the most basic skills in life? This film presents the process of learning to read and write in the first grade of elementary school. A teacher who explains and shows each letter with never-ending patience and love, and 13 students who draw fishes in order to write correctly, disagree, laugh, have difficulties, try their best with every syllable, and concentrate on their target. Little adventures in the classroom with pencils, erasers and straight (or not) lines.

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Direction: Zoanna Yfantidou
Script: Zoanna Yfantidou
Cinematography: Zoanna Yfantidou
Editing: Zoanna Yfantidou
Sound: Zoanna Yfantidou
Music: Andy Manister, Abbie Mills, Mauro Lupo
Producers: Zoanna Yfantidou
Format: Digital File
Color: Color
Production Country: Greece
Production Year: 2020
Duration: 61΄
Contact: Zoanna Yfantidou

Zoanna Yfantidou


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2012 Τhe Small House, the Small Balcony (short)
2014 On.Off (co-direction, short)
2020 Our ABCs