Stavros Tornes – The Poor Hunter of the South

Σταύρος Τορνές - Ο φτωχός κυνηγός του Νότου

Stavros Tornes: A mythical filmmaker or a filmmaker-myth? Maybe none of this, maybe even more. The film attempts to approach Stavros Tornes life and work: he’s overlaid images of him, listening to his whispers, infiltrating his friends’ memories, following his tracks, to capture the curriculum vitae of a filmmaker who stood until the end consistent with what he saw, lived and believed.
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Direction: Stavros Kaplanidis
Script: Stavros Kaplanidis
Cinematography: Elias Konstantakopoulos
Editing: Chronis Theoharis, Stavros Kaplanidis
Sound: Dimitris Galanopoulos
Producers: Stavros Kaplanidis
Co-production: GFC
Format: ProRes
Color: Color
Production Country: Greece
Production Year: 1994
Duration: 79΄

Stavros Kaplanidis


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1994 Stavros Tornes – The Poor Hunter of the South
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