The Devil’s Drivers

The Devil’s Drivers

24th TDF: European Premiere

The area south of Hebron, with its vast and beautiful landscapes, is home to an indigenous population of Bedouins. In their midst, Israeli settlers have built fortified villages on the hilltops, cutting the people from their lands, and their water sources. Exhausted after years of conflict, the Bedouins seek to make a living as construction workers in Israel. But the government regards them as a security threat. Every man who isn‘t married, and doesn‘t have at least one child, is banned from obtaining a working permit. Hamouda, a trafficker, is arrested along the border with his human cargo. At the time, his wife is six months pregnant. In prison, the guards refuse him the right to call her upon entering labor. Once he‘s released, he has only one goal: to make sure his newborn son, and the baby‘s mama, will never suffer material needs again. A gripping portrait, similar to a 1970s chase movie, filmed over five years about men living on the edge in one of the most fragile regions of the world.

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Direction: Daniel Carsenty, Mohammed Abugeth
Cinematography: Daniel Carsenty
Editing: Laia Prat
Sound: Christoph Kozik, Mohammed Abugeth
Music: Henning Fuchs
Production: Mark It Zero
Producers: Daniel Carsenty
Co-production: CHUNK Filmproduction
Co-producers: Mohammed Abugeth, Nicklas Krüger, Felix Blum
Executive producer: Ben Dressel, Rolf Mayer
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Qatar, France, Lebanon, Germany
Production Year: 2021
Duration: 93΄
Contact: Films Boutique

Daniel Carsenty


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