Melting Dreams

Melting Dreams

24th TDF: International Premiere

Three Afghani girls get an opportunity to travel to Europe to follow their dreams of becoming professional skiers. When the idealization of the Western world begins to vanish, so do their dreams of skiing. One by one, each takes a shot at finding a better life and faces high-stakes consequences. An insightful take on an aspect of Afghan culture that is rarely shown and “a reflection of how we see these people and especially how they see us; and most of all, what happens when life happens,” in the words of the director.

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Direction: Haidy Kancler
Script: Haidy Kancler, Iza Strehar, Boštjan Virc
Cinematography: Heini Mäntylä
Editing: Matthias Gugler, Haidy Kancler
Sound: Samo Jurca, Julij Zornik
Music: Victor Gangl
Production: Studio Virc
Producers: Boštjan Virc, Sabine Gruber, Peter Drössler, Ari Matikainen
Co-production: FlairFilm, Kinocompany
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Slovenia, Austria, Finland
Production Year: 2022
Duration: 84΄
Contact: CAT&Docs

Haidy Kancler


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