Travesti Odyssey

Travesía Travesti

Greek Premiere
The last performance of the Cabaret Travesía Travesti coincides with the social outburst in Chile on 18 October 2019. In the midst of the uprising, Anastasia struggles to reunite the former members of a fractured cast, but Maraca, her best friend, does not want to continue with the play. Amnesia, filmmaker and last remaining artist in the company, embarks on a cinematic journey through archives and interviews of a group of friends whose historical disputes reveal behind glitter, feathers, and beads, the complexities of friendship, inheritance, and collectivity in this patriarchal system.
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Direction: Nicolás Videla
Script: Nicolás Videla
Cinematography: Nicolás Videla, Kevin Magne, Sebastián Palominos, Jorge Matta, Nicole Costa
Editing: Nicolás Videla
Sound: Andre Millán
Music: Sofía Devenir, Anastasia María Benavente, Carlos Tardel
Production: Cinespecie
Producers: Nicole Bonilla, Nicolás Videla
Co-production: La Madre, 996Films
Co-producers: Mario Durrieu, Walter Tiepelmann
Executive producer: Nicole Bonilla, Nicolás Videla, Kevin Magne, Mario Durrieu, Walter Tiepelmann
Format: DCP
Color: Color, BW
Production Country: Chile, Argentina
Production Year: 2021
Duration: 96΄
Contact: La Madre
Awards/Distinctions: Special Mention: Feature Film Competition – Valdivia IFF 2021

Nicolás Videla


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