Home is Somewhere Else

Home is Somewhere Else

Accessing the American Dream is still not possible for all, much less those who come from immigrant backgrounds; for undocumented youth, their hopes for the future coexist with permanent fear of possible deportation. Marginalized within the country they call “home,” they continue to lack adequate government representation and protections, often as a result of historical injustice and systemic racism. This fully animated 2D feature documentary becomes a window inside the hearts and minds of these young dreamers, amplifying and giving an intimate voice to a growing community, still widely unrepresented in American mainstream media.

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Direction: Carlos Hagerman, Jorge Villalobos
Script: Carlos Hagerman, Jorge Villalobos
Editing: Inger Díaz Barriga, Alejandra Ruvalcaba, Martha Uc
Sound: Pablo Lach (design)
Music: Javier Álvarez
Production: Brinca Taller de Animación
Producers: Carlos Hagerman, Guillermo Rendón, Jorge Villalobos
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Mexico
Production Year: 2022
Duration: 87'
Contact: Artegios Distribution
Awards/Distinctions: Best Feature Documentary – International Documentary FF of Mexico City 2022, Best Youth Documentary – IDFA 2022, Best Animation – Havana FF 2022, Best Film (New Jersey Films Competition ) – Montclair FF 2022

Age 10+

Carlos Hagerman


2009 Los que se quedan | Those Who Remain
2010 Vuelve a la vida
2013 Tres miniaturas de Eugenio (short fiction)
2014 El móvil (short fiction)
2015 El patio de mi casa | No Place Like Home
2017 El beso (short)
2017 The Present (short fiction)
2022 Home is Somewhere Else (co-direction)

Jorge Villalobos


1996 4 maneras de tapar un hoyo (short)
1997 Pasajera (short)
2002 El diván de Valentina (TV series, fiction)
2006 El Chavo animado (TV series, fiction)
2013 El Chango y la Chancla (TV series, fiction)
2022 Home is Somewhere Else (co-direction)