Carrie the Jewel

Carrie The Jewel

25th TiDF: World Premiere

Carrie is a vibrant woman and mother of three children living a full and active life until her cancer has spread and her time becomes limited. Focusing on motherhood, it is Carrie's fierce spirit and love with which she engages with each of her children as she prepares herself and her children for her imminent departure...

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Available at the Agora Market TiDF25

Direction: Lisa Rinzler
Cinematography: Lisa Rinzler
Editing: Alan Smith, Nira Burstein
Sound: Lisa Rinzler, Helge Nernhardt
Production: Lisa Rinzler
Producers: Lisa Rinzler
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: USA
Production Year: 2023
Duration: 24'
Contact: Lisa Rinzler

Lisa Rinzler


1979 Dance (Film-as-Set Design) (short, co-direction)
1997 In the House (short, co-direction)
2023 Carrie the Jewel