30 Years of Excuses

30 Lat Wymówek

25th TiDF: International Premiere

Fearlessly dissecting the process of creative thinking (and the cost of living creatively!) this is an atmospheric intimate portrait of drummer Michal “Gier” Giercuszkiewicz, whose lifelong ambition has been to compose and record an album of original music. It’s a promise that Gier made to the world and to himself three decades earlier. A promise which, plagued by self-doubt, he is yet to deliver on. But the dream does not end there. The musician hopes to record his opus magnum in his self-built rafthouse, in a remote corner of Poland – the secluded mountain region of Bieszczady. The film follows Gier – a hero that is both fascinating and unafraid to show weakness – through what might be his final attempt at finding creative fulfillment.

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Direction: Armand Urbaniak
Script: Armand Urbaniak
Cinematography: Armand Urbaniak
Editing: Katarzyna Boniecka, Bartosz Klimczak, Armand Urbaniak
Sound: Franciszek Kozłowski
Music: Michał Giercuszkiewicz
Production: Inbornmedia
Producers: Maciej Pawełczyk, Radosław Wikiera
Co-production: Tabla Film
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Poland
Production Year: 2022
Duration: 75'
Contact: KFF Sales & Promotion

Armand Urbaniak


2010 Filiżanka
2022 30 Years of Excuses