All You See

Al wat je ziet

25th TiDF: Greek Premiere

What if from one day to the next, you’re no longer seen, but instead are stared at? The leading characters of this fascinating narrative have ended up in a new world where suddenly nothing seems to align. In their new lives in the Netherlands, they unintentionally provoke reactions on a daily basis. Even after many years, they still hear the same questions over and over again: where are you from, do you speak Dutch, do you tan in the sun? While contemplating what it means to belong, who gets excluded, and how outsider status is continually reaffirmed, Padidar’s film foregrounds the sensation of being looked at. Honest, painful, and humorous encounters with three other ‘newcomers’ to the Netherlands are stylistically interwoven between Padidar’s own personal history, opening up a vulnerable space of articulation with global resonance. A confessional collage with no simple outs, the film turns the spotlight on all of us, while simultaneously asking: who is “us”?

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Direction: Niki Padidar
Script: Niki Padidar
Cinematography: Jean Charles Counet, Jefrim Rothuizen
Editing: Niki Padidar, Albert Markus, Festus Toll
Sound: Diego van Uden, Tom Jansen
Music: Fin Greenall & Fink
Production: Mint film office
Producers: Menna Laura Meijer
Executive producer: Anjet Blinde, Jeffrey de Roode
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: The Netherlands
Production Year: 2022
Duration: 72'
Contact: Filmotor

Animation: Anton Mishenin

Niki Padidar


2015 Ninnoc (short)
2022 All you See