26th TIDF: International Premiere

A fencer, molded from childhood to chase after success, and devoted to the dream of reaching the top of the world. A father who serves as both her mentor, and her harshest critic. A legendary trainer, in a cutthroat competition. A rollercoaster ride, filled with thrilling ups and downs that even a screenwriter would hesitate to come up with. Touché is the larger-than-life story of fencing world champion Nathalie Moellhausen, a ten-year course featuring the participation in three Olympiads as a representative of two different countries, generous doses of drama on and off the field, and above all else a bright personality transcending the noble sport’s finite popularity by far. Starting from the vast amount of material Moellhausen herself has captured in the style of a diary, the debuting Martina Moor, who is also the athlete’s friend, showcases remarkable directorial instincts, following from a privileged position the steps of a woman, who as a living embodiment of the phrase “falling down is allowed, picking yourself back up is mandatory,” dynamically climbs up the podium as a contemporary cinematic heroine.

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Direction: Martina Moor
Script: Martina Moor
Cinematography: Beniamino Barresse
Editing: Martina Moor, Adelina Bichis
Sound: Michele Braga
Music: Margaret Hermant
Production: Beso Film, NANOF
Producers: Filippo Macelloni, Laura Bari, Martina Moor
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Italy, Belgium, Canada
Production Year: 2023
Duration: 87'
Contact: Beso Film

Martina Moor


2009 In Flight (short)
2015 Camaleonte Cerca Colore (short, co-direction)
2023 Touché