You Can Call Me Bill

You Can Call Me Bill

26th TIDF: Greek Premiere
A love letter from a devoted fan. An unconventional portrait of a pop idol, constructed from the most conventional of materials. A personal confession from an actor-fetish, embodying the living history of the entertainment industry at the age of 92. A subcutaneous and sarcastic exploration about the roles we cloak ourselves in throughout our entire lives. You Can Call Me Bill, which pays special homage to William Shatner, the legendary Captain Kirk of the Starship Enterprise in the unforgettable Star Trek, can be aptly described by all of the aforementioned. Filmmaker Alexandre O. Philippe, dedicated to his favored practice of dissecting symbols and legends of motion pictures that have attained a prominent spot in the collective psyche, juxtaposes Shatner’s words (no other interviewee makes an appearance in the entire film) with rich archive material from the career of an actor who was brought up with the principles of the Method and ended up becoming a television reference point. Along the way, having enjoyed Shatner discussing life and death, fame and dethronement, the joy of living and the existential dread of the planet's destruction, the moral of the story emerges almost out of thin air; above all else, we are the images and the stories that have captivated us.
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Direction: Alexandre O. Philippe
Script: Alexandre O. Philippe
Cinematography: Robert Muratore
Editing: Dave Krahling
Sound: Phillip Lloyd Hegel
Music: Jon Hegel
Actors: William Shatner
Production: Exhibit A Pictures
Producers: Kerry Deignan Roy
Co-production: Legion M
Co-producers: Jeff Annison
Executive producer: William Shatner, David Baxter, Terri Lubaroff, Paul Scanlan, Matthew Kemner
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: USA
Production Year: 2023
Duration: 96'
Contact: Blue Finch Film Releasing

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