26th TIDF: Greek Premiere

The day after the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, the Taliban immediately move to occupy the Hollywood Gate complex, claimed to be a former CIA base in Kabul. The Taliban find what the most technologically advanced military in history left behind: aircrafts, weapons, and valuable military equipment. Baffled by the technology, Malawi Mansour, the newly assigned Air Force commander, orders his soldiers to inventory and repair everything they can. Mukhtar, motivated to one day conquer the world, arrives at Hollywood Gate aiming to build a high-ranking military career. While Malawi Mansour and Mukhtar are focused on maximizing their own personal objectives, their comrades continue to repair the weapons left behind at Hollywood Gate. AK-47s that were once used by the US and NATO are now in the hands of the Taliban; helicopters and fighter jets that were thought to be destroyed now lethally bomb the opposition, creating untold collateral damage in the process; and the use of international documentarians for the purposes of propaganda is now underway. Over the course of one year, the film exposes the transformation of a fundamentalist militia into a military regime.

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Direction: Ibrahim Nash’at
Script: Ibrahim Nash’at, Talal Derki, Shane Boris
Cinematography: Ibrahim Nash’at
Editing: Atanas Georgiev, Marion Tuor
Sound: Frank Kruse
Music: Volker Bertelmann
Production: Rolling Narratives, Cottage M, Jouzour Film Production, RaeFilm Studios
Producers: Talal Derki, Odessa Rae, Shane Boris
Co-producers: Ibrahim Nash’at
Executive producer: Mehmet Elbanna, Sahraa Karimi, Diane Becker, Katherine Embiricos, Jim Swartz, Susan Swartz, Melony Lewis, Adam Lewis
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Germany, USA
Production Year: 2023
Duration: 91'
Contact: Cinephil
Awards/Distinctions: Golden Eye-Best Film in Focus Switzerland, Germany, Austria – Zurich IFF 2023

Ibrahim Nash’at


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