26th TIDF: Greek Premiere
In the heart of Tehachapi, California, amidst an eerie landscape in the middle of nowhere, the most unexpected and unforeseen space that could lend itself to the creation of an artwork emerges; one of the most impregnable high-security prisons in the USA. Photographer, street artist, and documentary filmmaker JR (who has blessed us alongside the unforgettable Agnès Varda with the delightful Visages Villages), having secured unprecedented access to the correctional facility, sets out on an art project that at first glance seems positively outrageous. Giving for the first time, both a voice and a platform to the inmates who have spent their most prolific years in a state of confinement, becoming addicted to a world of violence and brutality, JR bestows upon them the invaluable gift of self-respect through art’s therapeutic properties. Visible only from the sky and by its nature temporary, a photo collage in the courtyard transforms into an allegory of a primarily internal liberation. At the same time, stories of former and current prisoners and testimonies of their relatives intermingle with the process of creating the artwork, thus enabling a discussion on the philosophical and existential shades of concepts such as mistake, guilt, sin and forgiveness.
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Direction: JR
Cinematography: Roberto De Angelis, John Hunter Nolan, Tasha Van Zandt
Editing: Maxime Pozzi-Garcia, Sylvie Landra
Sound: Eyal Levy, Yves-Marie Omnes, David Chaulier, Antoine Baudouin, Lucile Demarquet, Thierry Delor
Music: Enfant Sauvage
Producers: Rosalie Varda, Marc Azoulay, Marco Berrebi
Co-producers: Nathanaël Karmitz, Elisha Karmitz
Executive producer: Sol Guy, Scott Budnick
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: France
Production Year: 2023
Duration: 92'
Contact: mk2 Films



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2017 Chroniques De Clichy Montfermeil (co-direction)
2017 Visages Villages (co-direction)
2021 Paper & Glue (co-direction)
2023 Tehachapi