From Abdul to Leila

D'Abdul à Leila

26th TIDF: International Premiere

After an accident makes her lose her memory, and having lived abroad for many years, Leila reconnects with her family, trying to understand who she is. At her parents’ home in the south of France, she is confronted by her father, Abdul, his own past, and the war in Iraq. The unbelievable personal story of director Leila Albayaty becomes a wonderful documentary on memory, cultural continuity, the ancestral home, and the way art functions as an ark. Like a perpetual battle between memory and oblivion, the human soul is always in a state of wandering, From Abdul to Leila tells us. And through the fascinating – and unexpected – evolution of a relationship between a father and a daughter, the old adage confirms its timeless validity: the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself first.

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Direction: Leila Albayaty
Script: Leila Albayaty, David Deboudt
Cinematography: Zoé Nutchey, Jonathan Bricheux, Leila Albayaty
Editing: Barbara Bossuet, Zoé Nutchey, Leila Albayaty
Sound: Nicolas Pommier, Leila Albayaty, Gabor Ripli
Music: Leila Albayaty, Amélie Legrand, Maurice Louca, Wassim Mukdad, Hassan Al Hanafi, Baha Wadi
Actors: Leila Albayaty, Abdul Albayaty, Simone Albayaty, Dalia Naous
Production: VOLTE, Dérives
Producers: Michel Balagué, Julie Frères, Leila Albayaty
Format: DCP
Color: Colour
Production Country: Germany, Belgium, Qatar, Saudi Arabia
Production Year: 2024
Duration: 92'
Contact: Dérives
Awards/Distinctions: NETPAC Award for Best Asian Film – El Gouna Film Festival (2023)

Leila Albayaty


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