A Tree Grows in My Dreams Every Night

V mojih sanjah rase vsako noč drevo

26th TIDF: World Premiere

An evocative journey to a small Slovenian village turns into an enchanting immersion into the collective memory and the backbone of a certain place through stories from the present and the past that converge, intermingle, coexist outside of time, in the plane of the unseen, in the sphere of sentiments. With photographs, taken by photographer Stojan Kerbler decades ago, of the village and its residents serving as a guide, the film crafts the portrait of a place through narrations, images, poetry and pure cinematic beauty. It may not be easy to describe how “a tree grows in dreams” in just a handful of words, but you can be sure that seeing it is nothing less than an experience beyond a mere viewing, something you experience like a dream or a caress, like a song that glides from your ears straight to your heart.

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Direction: Vid Hajnšek
Script: Vid Hajnšek, Andrej Nagode
Cinematography: Domen Martinčič
Editing: Andrej Nagode
Sound: Samo Jurca
Music: Sara Korošec
Production: Film Factory
Producers: Mojca Pernat
Co-production: Mali Film
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Slovenia
Production Year: 2024
Duration: 56'
Contact: Film Factory

Vid Hajnšek


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2024 A Tree Grows in My Dreams Every Night