Marilú – Encounter with a Remarkable Woman

Marilú - rencontre avec une femme remarquable

26th TIDF: World Premiere
Moving between biopic and documentary, the film attempts to shed light on the life and personality of the great theater actor Marilú Marini, following her for six years in rehearsals between Paris and Buenos Aires. Hard work, keeping on the move, creativity, and an insatiable desire for experimentation paint a portrait of the 80-year-old actor who continues to surprise and be surprised, to define and be defined by her own art. An engaging and deeply honest documentary that invites you on a journey of discovery of inspiration, through the beneficial effect of the passage of time.
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Direction: Sandrine Dumas
Script: Sandrine Dumas
Cinematography: Nathalie Durand, Sandrine Dumas, Romain le Bonniec
Editing: Barbara Bascou
Sound: Morgane Nonny, Jean-Paul Mugel
Actors: Marilú Marini, Pierre Maillet
Production: Pio & Co.
Producers: Jean-Luc Ormières, Sandrine Dumas
Co-production: Rei Cine
Co-producers: Santiago Galleli, Benjamin Domenech
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: France, Argentina
Production Year: 2024
Duration: 86'
Contact: MPM Premium

Sandrine Dumas


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2024 Marilú - Encounter with a Remarkable Woman