Tell Them About Us

Tell Them About Us

26th TIDF: World Premiere

One of the most intangible yet defining procedures in life is none other than the passage from puberty to adulthood, an experience depicted in countless films and documentaries, though rarely with the emotional intelligence and unpretentious authenticity encompassed in this film. Except from imminent adulthood, the girls from Tell Them About Us also have to deal with another complicated condition; despite their Arab, Kurdish and Roma origins, they are growing up in a provincial town in Germany. Through this film (or, rather, actually through their very existence, their intoxicating energy, their bravery, their smiles, as well as their dreams), they are not just laying claim to their position in life but to a better future, speaking out about the way they live and the future they want to build with a genuinely hopeful outlook. Simple in its conception although an intricate result, Rand Beiruty’s documentary is as close to the definition of “slice of life” as it can get; a slice that is rather delicious, flavorful, and juicy.

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Direction: Rand Beiruty
Script: Rand Beiruty
Cinematography: Marco Müller
Editing: Patrick Richter, Abdallah Sada
Sound: Azadeh Zandieh
Music: Johann Niegl
Production: Tondowski Films
Producers: Alex Tondowski, Ira Tondowski
Co-production: Shaghab Films
Co-producers: Jude Kawwa, Rand Beiruty
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Production Country: Germany, Jordan
Production Year: 2024
Duration: 92'
Contact: Syndicado Film Sales

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